2020 Camporama

FCF Village Resident Application

The 2020 National Camporama is just around the corner and the FCF is making plans to celebrate this grand event. The FCF will participate in Camporama with the idea that we will be conducting a Rendezvous within the Camporama. The FCF Village will take on the feel and functionality of a frontier camp with all the color and excitement of a Rendezvous. The theme for the Rendezvous and the FCF Village will be ‘Heroes of Faith’, with all the residents, shelters, events, and demonstrations giving the feel of a pre-1840 rendezvous.


Each territory will have an opportunity to invite 65 FCF members from their respective territories to camp in the FCF Village with the goal of having a FCF Village with at least 500 campers. If you have an FCF member in your territory that will want to camp in the FCF Village, they will need to complete the FCF Village Resident application (as well as go through the normal Camporama registration process). Each village resident application will need to be submitted online to the National FCF Staff by June 15, 2020. By filling out the FCF Village Resident application, Camporama officials will know to assign an FCF Village resident to the closest food pavilion. FCF Village residents will be required to be in an FCF outfit or attire while in the FCF Village during daily operating hours (9:15am – 11:30am and 1:30pm – 4:30 pm). FCF Village residents will be encouraged to volunteer some of their time in helping with their respective territorial events and demonstrations. You are allowed to have a trade blanket in front of your lodge as long as it is truly trading. There is to be no exchange of money for items.

Shelters / Campsite

The theme of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship is to model the pre-1840 Rendezvous era. Recreating the aura of the pre-1840 Rendezvous is often difficult as we rely on modern camping conveniences when we set up the rendezvous camp. It will take some time and money to accurately portray the ‘living history’ of the Rendezvous camp. Tents in the primitive camp must have started life as white or tan canvas. No army green, blue, or any other color of the rainbow in the primitive area. Lodge poles must be wood, and stakes should be wood or iron. No plastic or aluminum. No nylon ropes or plastic/metal line tighteners. If you have modern camping or personal items inside your lodge and someone can see it, keep the door closed, no matter how hot it might be. Use wooden boxes, burlap or canvas bags, and blankets to cover modern items such as food coolers, water containers, and propane stoves. Modern camp lighting proves to be one large eyesore during rendezvous gatherings. Candle lanterns and oil lamps are appropriate. Propane and electric lights are not authentic to the rendezvous era. You can tell at a glance when they are in use inside a lodge. Remember, if someone else can see it, hear it, or smell it, and it is modern, it has to go or must be hidden.

Village Resident Application

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Additional Info:
Your Territorial Representative will contact you to schedule your participation in the activities listed below:
  • Approved National FCF Action Team Demonstration or Craft
  • Territorial Event
  • Assisting with FCF Food Concessions
  • Assisting in FCF Museum
  • Assisting in Territorial Store
  • Other