In The Beginning...

The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (originally called Frontiersmen Camping Fraternity) was founded during the summer of 1966. For some time prior to this date, Johnnie Barnes, our first national commander, had felt the need for a special honor society to give recognition to older boys and men who had distinguished themselves in advancement, training, and camping skills.

The early American frontiersman was an excellent example of man’s ability to adapt to the outdoors and the wilderness. His achievements were also an example of courage and determination. The national Royal Rangers Ministries, therefore, made the decision to base this fellowship on the lore and traditions of these early frontiersmen.

FCF gives the older Royal Rangers another opportunity to stay involved in the Royal Rangers program. FCF can act as a bridge to leadership in the Royal Rangers and to the local church congregation.

The frontiersmen of the early days of our country played a vital role in expanding the borders of our land. They exemplified courage and determination, taming virgin territory and making it safer for those who followed.

Likewise, members of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship today join to forge the frontier—spiritual leadership to young men. FCF was developed as a tool for building young men into church leaders and to perpetuate the Royal Rangers ministry – developing the total boy for Christ.

The young men of the FCF are the future of our church. As these young men begin to seek their place in life, whether through college or business or ministry, FCF can act as a cord to keep these young men in close contact with the Royal Rangers and the church itself. The training a young man receives in Royal Rangers and FCF prepares him for leadership roles in his adult life.

FCF members are expected to show a spirit of servanthood. Members are encouraged to become involved in various service programs and events. Members are taught that one of the purposes of FCF is to prefer others above themselves and to let their leadership be by example. Members are encouraged to become totally involved in the Royal Rangers program.

The FCF member should also strive to achieve the following goals: progress in advancement, become more involved in Royal Rangers, and continue to develop skills as a good camper. The steps of advancement will encourage the members to accomplish the mentioned skills.